1999: Una interesante entrevista a Richard Diehl. Creador de Minicad / Vectorworks


En 1999, lo que hoy es BIM:

"We have supported 3D capabilities in our design process for 15 years now, but I think it's incorrect to brand 2D guys as "just doing Drafting", and 3D guys as "in-the-know." The reality is 3d is just another capability to add into the mix. The real question is, have you moved beyond just using CAD as an electronic pencil, and began using it's capabilities to move your total process forward, in Design, 3D Presentation, automated report and schedule creation, and the creation of professional working drawings."

Para leer la entrevista completa: http://www.caddealer.com/articleweb/articles/diehl1.htm

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